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Scholarships for IYNAUS 2016 Convention

convention 2016We look forward to an amazing convention this Spring in Florida, with Abhijata Sridhar! Although we had looked forward to teachings from our beloved Geetaji, we know Abhijata will live up to the immense responsibility of passing on the teachings. It will also be wonderful to reconnect with friends and colleagues from all over the nation.

We are thrilled to announce that we will give a number of $300 mini-grant scholarships for the event. If you are a member of IYAMW who is experiencing financial need, please apply at the IYAMW Scholarships page. We will give priority to those who have not received a scholarship from the 2016 Convention, although these recipients are also eligible. We hope everyone with the commitment to attend will find the means to do so. Applications are due March 26, and notification will be given by April 2. Questions? Email the scholarship committee.

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