IYAMW Board of Directors

  • Sue Salaniuk 2013-

    sueSue took an Iyengar yoga class in 1978, loved it and has never stopped. She began teaching in 1988, first at the Ann Arbor Y, and since 1998 at her own studio, The Yoga Space in Ann Arbor, MI. She has traveled to Pune 10 times to study at the Institute, staying once for two months. Sue has been married for 43 years and has three children and now enjoys being grandmother to her son’s son.

    Sue was part of the committee that founded the original Midwest Iyengar Yoga Association and served as it’s second President. She was also elected to the Iyengar Yoga National Association Board in 2001, serving for two years as it’s President. She has been on the IYNAUS Certification Committee and is currently on the Ethics Committee. She has been an IYNAUS Assessor since 1998. Sue enjoyed working with the Yoga ’93 Committee to organize the convention in Ann Arbor in 1993, serving as it’s chair. “Yoga is such an incredible gift. I am continually relearning who I am, and what I am capable of. It is also a responsibility to share with and pass on to others.”

  • Lorene Zant 2013-

    loreneLorene Zant was first introduced to Iyengar Yoga at a local YMCA on Long Island, NY in 2001. That very first class sent her on a path that she never once doubted, and which has impacted her life in ways which she could never have imagined. Upon moving to New Jersey in 2003, Lorene studied under Joan White. With Joan’s unwavering influence and support, she received an Introductory certification in 2006. The practice of this discipline inspired her to return to school and earn a nursing degree in 2009, which allows her to combine the healing aspects of nursing with the transformational qualities of Iyengar yoga.

    After seven years on the East Coast, Lorene and her family returned to the Chicago area five years ago and settled in the northern suburbs. While here, she has experienced a warm, welcoming group of Iyengar teachers and students. She is honored to be on the IYAMW board and is inspired to give back to the local Iyengar association to assist in growing and strengthening this enthusiastic, vibrant community.


  • Annie Melchior 2013-

    annieAnnie Melchior has been a student of Iyengar yoga since the summer of 1995 when she took her first inspiring class with Janet Lilly. She is certified at the Introductory level (2 assessments) and studied at RIMYI in 2005, taking regular study in intensives, workshops and teacher trainings with Chris Saudek , Laurie Blakeney, and Lois Steinberg since 1997. She has been teaching since February of 2001, and is a founder of Riverwest Yogashala in Milwaukee, WI. She has been recognized for her teaching, receiving the Milwaukee Shepherd Express Readers’ Poll “Best Yoga Teacher” award. She has taught at Riverwest Yogashala, Milwaukee Yoga Center and is the Director of the Yoga Program in the Dance Department at UW-Milwaukee, where she teaches yoga to hundreds of college students, as well as university employees as part of the Work/Life balance program. Annie is currently interested in exploring and expanding the of teaching Iyengar yoga to students of all ages, how yoga practices and principles can be used to improve overall performance and satisfaction in numerous settings (schools, workplace), as well as ongoing research on the benefits of yoga practice and meditation.

  • Alicia Rowe 2013-

    aliciaAlicia began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1996 and has taught classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2002. A classical cellist, Alicia particularly enjoys exploring the art of yoga in personal practice and with her students. She has attended classes with the Iyengars at RIMYI and has participated in numerous IYNAUS conventions and conferences. Alicia has served in a variety of roles in her local Iyengar community and is grateful for the strong presence of Iyengar yoga in Ann Arbor. She brings a broad range of experience with non-profit organizations to her work with IYAMW, and is pleased to serve as a member of the board.

  • Kelly Sobanski 2015-

    Kelly's head shotIn 2003, Kelly took her first yoga class with Elizabeth Kerwin, a talented Iyengar teacher in Bellingham, Washington. Kelly loved extreme sports throughout her life, she has had many challenging injuries. From her own experiences, she has learned to heal through yoga and in turn thrives on helping others. Kelly taught Art for 15 years and earned a Master’s Degree in Creative Art’s in Learning, which has enhanced her skills for teaching yoga. She is excited to use these skills while working on the IYAMW board.

    In 2012, Kelly moved to Indiana, she is honored to have Lois Steinberg, Laurie Blakeney, Dean Lerner and Rebecca Lerner as her inspiring teachers. By studying at RIMYI twice, Kelly cultivated trust for healing processes. Kelly is deeply dedicated to studying and teaching Iyengar Yoga as a life-long path; she loves to share inspiration with others.



  • David Larsen 2015-

    dave_shotDave Larsen has practiced Iyengar Yoga in Ann Arbor since 2002 under Laurie Blakeney’s expert instruction. He attended the classes in Pune in 2004 in honor of Geetaji’s 60th birthday, along with various conventions, conferences and workshops with senior teachers including Manouso Manos and Lois Steinberg. An attorney with tax and business expertise since 1987 with the Detroit law firm Bodman PLC, he holds a non-teaching position on the IYAMW Board, is a member of the bylaws committee for IYNAUS, served as Finance Chair for the recent Midwest Conference “From the Heartland,” and worked on an ad hoc committee for IYNAUS whose mission was to reorganize the governance structure of IYNAUS and the regions to conform to the Pune Constitution (Guruji’s instructions for national organizations). That reorganization calls for a greater role by the regions in pursuing the goals of the Institute (RIMYI), and he is anxious to be a part of that, with people who share his interest in yoga.
  • Alex Hansen 2015-

    Alex_HansenAlex Hansen : A fumbling yogi, still struggling with his lack of super powers(or perhaps unwilling to use them;) yet still willing to serve the Great States of the Midwest!