Community Grants

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IYAMW has created a new initiative to award several mini-grants to Iyengar Yoga teachers developing and maintaining initiatives in the Midwest that target under-represented communities. The purpose of these mini-grants is to support Iyengar Yoga programs within Midwest communities by providing supplemental funding for yoga props (e.g., mats, blocks, blankets, etc.), teacher compensation, and other associated costs. IYAMW seeks  initiatives that build relations with communities and groups that do not usually have access to Iyengar Yoga teachers and studios.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Open to Iyengar Yoga teachers in the Midwest region
  • Must be a member of IYAMW to apply

Mini- Grant information:

  • $500 check written directly to the applicant
  • New mini-grant opportunities will be available on a quarterly basis – previous applicants can re-apply regardless if they have been a prior recipient
  • Deadlines for 2017 applications are June 15, September 15 and December 15


Funding is available for Iyengar Yoga projects that specifically address these areas:

  • Bringing Iyengar Yoga to under-represented communities
  • Enhancing and supporting Iyengar Yoga students and teachers from under-represented communities

IYAMW Mini-Grants Program Evaluation Criteria

When developing proposals, please address the following criteria:

Purpose/Objectives of the Project:

  • Why is the grant needed? How will it affect the targeted community?

Program Description and Activities:

  • How do the project activities and objectives relate to the mission of IYAMW and the purpose of the mini-grant award?
  • What is the timeline for the project (when will it begin/end)?
  • How far along is the project in terms of setting up a relationship with the targeted community (e.g. is there a location, is there community interest in the project)?

Program Evaluation:

  • This might be simply asking the students what they have learned so far,  what keeps them returning to the classes, and how they think they are benefitting. You might also consider doing a pre- and post- survey to get feedback from less “vocal” students.


  • Is it relevant to the project, reasonable and sufficiently detailed? For example, if you are buying props, please list the amount/type of prop/cost and how it will be useful for the project.

Overall Assessment:

  • Does the project meet a special, specific need?
  • Will it engage the targeted community and promote inclusion?

Additional Guidelines:

  1. A final expense report will be required and grant evaluation will be required.
  2. IYAMW would like to publicize your project on the IYAMW community outreach page to share with the Midwest community. IYAMW may also ask to publicize your project in IYNAUS publications.
  3. Brief quarterly project updates are required and will be sent to the IYAMW community outreach committee. These updates can be about aspects of the project that are going well, challenges faced during the project, stories about your experience leading the project, etc. These updates may be shared, with your permission, in newsletters to the IYAMW community and/or on the IYAMW website.

APPLY ONLINE for a Community Grant. —

If you need more information before you submit an application or would like more guidance on creating your application, please contact:

Rebecca Lindsay, IYAMW Community Outreach Chair,


Hong Gwi-Seok,